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| Short Story - Holding On and Letting Go | Parts 1-5

Holding On and Letting Go 


Part 1 - Dawn  
Part 2 - A Warning Sign 
 Part 3 - Cracks in the Pavement 
 Part 4 - All Good Things 
Part 5 - Holding On and Letting Go 

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Part 1 - Dawn
Dawn settled on the city as Khushi walked up slowly to her window, dropping the towel she was using to dry off her damp hair. She threw open the glass slides, allowing the cool morning breeze to caress her face, breathing in deeply she took it all in. The smell of Delhi before the dust settled during the day, it smelled of damp mud from the light rain last night, she loved that smell. It reminded her of her childhood, when she would sit out in front of her house with her Jiji in the mud after it had rained, they would dance and play when it was pouring down on them, and when it stopped, they would splash around in the little pools of water and sticky mud until their parents would call them back inside to clean up.

"Khushi, betiya, how many times have we told you to not play out in the rain for so long? You'll get a cold" her mother used to lovingly say as she dried her hair after her shower.

Looking sadly over at the towel she had just dropped on the chair next to her she frowned, her mother was gone, carried away with the wind, snatched away from her. She wouldn't be back to offer little moments of love and give her advice that she could pass on to her kids someday.
She sighed with a heavy heart, always hating when she started the day with a sad thought, she did think it was appropriate however, because she had been feeling down ever since she had found out about Shyam.
She looked down at her own ring finger, empty, as she had removed the little circle of gold and thrown it back at him, in response to all the betrayal and mistrust. The light buzzing in her temple became more rigorous as she thought of Arnav. She couldn't blame him for getting engaged, he may have announced it first, but she had gotten engaged first. She didn't have a right to question him. She looked up at the skyline that had started to slowly show signs of light, she didn't have a right either way, whether she was engaged or not.
She smiled at her silly thoughts, even if there wasn't all that there was between them, he still wouldn't be hers. He would never belong to a middle class girl, a girl with no respect and no class as he had put it, a girl that would go to any lengths for a bit of money.

There was no point in reminding herself of all the harsh words he had spoken to her, they only made her heart burn with more sadness, knowing that she would just have to bury her dreams before they even had a chance to see the light.

"Buaji! Ammaji ! I'm going to the Raizada mansion!" she called back into the house as she stepped outside.

"So early?" Bua called from within her room watching outside as the sun had only begun to rise "Hai Nandikissor! I know Anjali ji asked you to come over yesterday but you are being so irresponsible! It's hardly even the morning yet, get back in here and leave whe.."  she rounded out through her door to see a flash of bright red and Khushi whipped around the door.
"When will this girl learn?" she said, slapping her forehead. She felt guilty for what she had done to Khushi so she let her leave, maybe she should lay off her for a few days, she deserved that much.

She was thinking of him the entire way towards his house, lost in the thoughts of what those eyes could do to her, they could stop her in her tracks and melt her entire being in a matter of seconds. She needed to gather control of herself and remember that she couldn't let herself get carried away like she had in the past. They had broken off their engagement, and Lavanya had left for London after a sad goodbye, but that didn't mean that she was free. In fact, she felt worse now, knowing that there was no barrier to keep her emotions in check.

She stopped near the gate to the mansion and held her head in her hands as it began to throb. She had never had a headache like that before, it felt like her brain was bruised and whichever way she would turn, it would smack painfully against her skull. Holding her head in one hand she made her way up the stairs and to the front door.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

My Favourite ArHi Videos

Well, this is a blog about our loved Arnav and Khushi from Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon and I think it would just be hollow if it were not for some ArHi VMs  :) 

Video Mixes let us watch our favourite two coupled with some of our favourite songs and some very talented video makers even manage to build up stories into their VMs which I think is really something.. I wanted to share some of my favourites with you ! So here goes...

Thursday, 19 January 2012

To All my India-Forums Friends

Hello Everyone :) 
This is a message to all of my India Forums friends! So I have collected a wonderful bunch of readers, over 440 of you on there, and it has become very difficult to PM everyone of you when I update, so anyone wanting updates should email me at telling me they want updates, whether you are an India Forums member or not, and I will add you to my email update list as the PM system for me has officially stopped !

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I hope you all stay in touch and continue to read some of the crazy stuff I come up with

Lots of Love 
Hayley x

Teri Meri Prem Kahani...

Yesterday night, whilst I was pleasantly minding my own business, I see a post appear on India Forums about a new Promo and naturally my heart starts pacing and I click open the link.

Next think I know Im hyperventilating and have to take a second to breathe and calm down.

Yes Hayley, you saw right, Arnav and Khushi are dancing in a new promo for Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon. I waited for about an hour, despite having to wake up less than 4 hours later for school, but I finally gave in with no video or pictures present for us poor folk who live outside of the real land of ArHi (India).

The next morning, I wake up eagerly, and there it is. A youtube video so gracefully present on my screen I almost have a fit trying to press play.

And there it was. I felt like I needed to see it before I believed it, and Gosh was it worth it!

Khushi draped in a beautiful dress, which I only discovered later, closley resembled the one Kareena Kapoor wore in the original video. She looks stunning, as always, and so does the leading man Arnav, with his breathtaking smirk, he steals all our hearts (especially Khushi’s). The hand *swoon* on her waist and back, it was perfect.

The promo has us all sitting on the edge of our seats waiting to watch what happens, how it happens and why it happens? I have been having fun the this week, looking out for episodes, in anticipation of the dance of the century and impending scorpion doom story. The CV’s have so much lined up for us, and I’m keeping my fingers tightly crossed for some phenomenal ArHi scenes.

If you are reading this now, I hope you are also looking forward to what lies ahead... unless you are reading this after all the episodes have aired, in which case, it is not quite as interesting.

Who would have thought the Sangeet would be such a big event?

All I can say is, Arnav, Khushi, aap dono ki prem kahani do lafzon me kya, puri kitaab me bhi bayaa nahi ho sakti ^_^

Give me some credit for that! I dont speak Hindi :p         

Meet Hayley :)

Hello !

So this is my first ever post ! The thought of my own blog is quite exciting, to think that I have substantial thoughts in this swirling sifting mind of mine is pretty weird, and the fact that I think they are probably worth penning down is probably not a fact at all, only a rather pathetic dream. 

My name is Hayley, and it is really nice to meet you all (Well, meeting in terms of seeing you appear as an added number in my number of views count). 

If you were to ever meet me, I think what you would see would be your average girl.

Long brown hair, straight as a feather, running til the small of my back, set against little green eyes. Slight frame, pale skin, eccentric and bubbly, inviting and open, yet awfully awkward at the same time. I stutter when I'm nervous, I jumble up my words when I am not sure what to say and my eyes give away every lie I ever utter - not that I ever lie, blink blink twitch.  

I gasp when I'm surprised, and freeze as still as stone when frightened (bring a spider around and I can demonstrate for you). 

I'm not special, I'm not drastically set apart. But I wouldn't change me for the world, and that has to count for something right?

This isn't really an ArHi post, quite contradictory to the title of my Blog, perhaps it was slightly misnamed. This is MY World of ArHi, a world which I want to share with you, a world that I would like to imprint in my heart, just like Arnav and Khushi.

I can only hope that it will leave you smiling :) or angry, or tearful, or upset or fearful.

What I really mean to say is, I can only hope that my blog will leave you feeling something because isn't that everything?

To feel you are, to feel you exist, to feel, that through all the sadness in the world, you know of love and to feel alive, for once that feeling is gone, I'm afraid, you may never get it back. 

Love Hayley x