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One Shot - Do Lafzo (Two Words)

Hi Everyone, so needless to say what this one is about. I really had to get something down because I was just dying in anticipation for the ArHi dance and I needed an outlet, so here goes! I hope you all enjoy reading it. And don't forget to hit like to let me know what you thought, it really means a lot!
DO LAFZO  (Two words)


He thought of NK placing his hands all over her and his mind couldn't take it.

The soft skin that flawlessly ran under the emerald saree was only his to touch. He had seen her walk out of the room where the Gupta's had kept their things and he had followed her towards the performance stage.

She looked exquisite tonight. The fact that she was beautiful had already imprinted itself in his mind, but the way her eyes were shining tonight was different. Every feature along her face fit perfectly in its place. Her nose so elegant and proud, her cheeks giving away the innocence that she held, her quivering soft lips that never failed to amuse him. And her eyes. By far the most beautiful part of her, stood out large and shaking when she looked at him, giving away her world of emotions.

How he had found her in all the people in the world, he didn't know.
How he had found the one person that made him melt, he didn't care.
He was just grateful, yet far too proud to ever admit that to her, let alone to himself.

The stage lights dimmed as he walked up towards his tired cousin who had just finished performing for the Raizada's, swiftly ordering him to sit this one out, ignoring the protests as he tried to explain how he wanted to do this dance with Khushi.

He resisted the urge to shout at him, he was in far too good a mood.

He stepped up to the stage, facing her silhouette against the darkness. The curve of her back running up high leading to her swan like neck against the backdrop of her cascading hair that fell in a soft fall down her back, caressing the skin he yearned to taste.

She had looked so beautiful performing earlier. Her pink dress had ridden up her legs, exposing the skin there that made him feel all warm inside. He had been surprised at her boldness, it made him admire her, but that too was something that he would never admit to her.

The pounding of the music behind him set the stage alight with a blazing sound, running along his ears as he saw her begin to walk towards him from across the stage.

He didn't know what he was supposed to be doing but she drew him in, like she had done countless times before and he held his breath as she approached him.

The world around him faded, disappeared into thin air, and all he saw was her.

He walked behind her, brushing the skin at the back of her neck with his fingers deliberately, his fingertips burning from the sensation as she stopped in her tracks. Walking back around he swept her hair around her back, pulling it all over one shoulder as he passed dangerously close to her neck. She stood breathing heavily as he made out the heaving of her chest through the deafening music behind him.

He captured her arm as he passed her, running his burning fingers along her cool skin until he held her hand against his and lifted their clasped hands to turn her under him. She moved under his instruction, surrendering to her paralysed muscles. He let go of her and stepped away, watching her, making out the confusion even through the darkness.

He held his hand out, watching her intently as she shook her head rid of stray thoughts and hesitantly took his hand. Her touch sent a fire raging through him that had him pulling her towards him.
She turned through the air, hair flying around her and collided strongly against his chest where he could feel her against him. The force sent her pressing against him, her lips sweeping past his, giving him a teasing taste of what they felt like.

He smiled at the sensation, slowly placing a hand around her waist, hearing her sharp and very audible gasp next to his ear as her heart beat quickened, banging against his chest. His hand fit around her small waist perfectly and he stepped forwards, letting her weight drop against him as he held her firmly with another hand pressed against the smoothness of her skin, her arched back at his mercy, her soft skin so close, so near to his, with only a layer of flimsy fabric separating them.

A split second before the lights around them set afire she took in a sharp breath that told him she knew. She had recognised him even without seeing him, the touch of him had been enough. Suddenly his hands felt as though they were scorching hot, but he did not want to let go. He heard the audience take in a low gasp, similar to the one Khushi had let out earlier, except that this was slow and confused, whereas hers had been rapid and knowing.

When he straightened up to let her go, sending a cunning smirk her way, her face still registered shock and bewilderment. Her hand twitched, falling off where it had held so tightly on to him around his neck and she stepped away.

Away from his blazing eyes that led her right into his heart.

He smiled when she looked away, cheeks burning from all the eyes that were set on them, it amused him. He stepped closer to her, forcing her to look back up at his agonising eyes before whispering to her against the backdrop of music thundering around them

"Given up?" he taunted.

A look of determination and something he couldn't quite decipher flashed across her eyes before she pursed her lips together in disagreement.

Looking at him she gathered herself quickly and then slowly, and intentionally, raised her hand to his chest, running it across his shoulders as she followed the music and stepped around him, turning him around to face her before she disappeared out of his sight.

She stepped in closer to him "I told you Arnav Singh Raizada" she breathed through her burning skin, hoping that the flush in her cheeks weren't giving away her real emotions "I am not going to lose."

And with that, she slipped her hand strongly back in to his and twirled under his arm again.

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